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Elysium Solar and More takes pride on being a New Mexico based solar company. Our mission is to help homeowners make the switch to renewable energy with an easy and stress-free process. We will customize every system to each individual homeowner’s needs.

We have been installing residential and commercial solar projects all over New Mexico, West Texas, Colorado and Eastern Arizona. Our electricians and engineers are fully licensed in all 50 states.

Here at Elysium, we treat our customers like family, because that’s what they become. We handle everything for our customers to ensure your solar project goes smooth and stress free.

The future is now! Go Solar With Elysium

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Tired of paying high energy bills? Customers can see a 99% savings on electric bills!

Solar is a more ecological option for powering your home or business. It’s a clean, renewable energy source. 

If you’re worried about electric bills going though the roof, insulate yourself from price hikes by going solar!

Invest in solar energy and increase the value of your home. Having solar panels increases a home’s value by up to 4.1%
The sun is a smarter energy choice. It is an inexhaustible power source that can secure your home or business against outages.

Renewable is More Attainable Than You Think!

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Solar energy is much more affordable than is was in the past.

In addition to the savings on your electric bill, there are government tax deductions & often utility rebates available to get you money back on your solar panel investment.

We also offer financing plans that meet your needs, including options with no money down or deposit required. Call today to ask for a consultation!

Elysium Solar and More is a Licensed and Bonded Company